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Paddock to Pantry is a small family-owned and operated business located in the Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

The owners of Paddock to Pantry, Steve and Carey, value good food, the people who grow it and the journey this produce makes from the Paddock to Pantry. Where our food comes from and who is producing it is an increasingly important factor when we select the fresh produce to fuel our body, mind and spirit. To pay attention to the source of our food and the way in which it is grown, stored, transported and sold is to be more connected to the earth in a most profound sense.

At Paddock to Pantry we offer an effective combination of fresh produce and great service. Our active pursuit of supply chain efficiencies enables us to consistently provide fresh quality products at competitive rates.

Ongoing thought and careful consideration is given to our packaging and management of any waste. Plans are currently in progress for our retail space to operate on a substantial proportion of solar energy generated on-site, making Paddock to Pantry the Upper Hunter’s Green Grocer of choice.

Paddock to Pantry is a small family owned and managed business located in the Upper Hunter Valley

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